Wireless Remote Control TRS Series

無線リモコン TRSシリーズ

Wireless Remote Control TRS Series


  • Remote control the pump under circumstance with obtacles.
    High performance wireless remote control can be externally attached as additional function (Type I)
    More practical and convenient with built-in type (Type Ⅱ)
  1. With sharply expand the controllable range, successfully remote control the pump under obstacles.
  2. Applying transmission and reception system allows the remote control to indicate the pump's receiving status.
  3. Remote control, the transmitter, is a battery type deive so that chargeable the power like smart phone.
  • Waterproof


  • Control a pump operation at remote location


Model TRS-Ⅰ(External Attachment) TRS-Ⅱ(Built-In Type)
Remote operation Normal Rotation/Reversal Rotation/Stop Normal Rotation/Reversal Rotation/Stop/Increase/Decreas
Power 5m S100V Single Phase/200V Three Phase Depends on a pump used
Remote control wire 5m Metal Connector, Control Panel Connect to Pump's Control Panel
Tune up Not Necessary Necessary
Charge Battery Type. Retain for a month with full charge.
Transmitter External Dimension: 90×145×H25mm Weight: 0.22kg