Peristaltic Pump GI-19 Industrial Pump


  1. Simple structure with sealless mechanism.
    With simple structure without valve seal, there is no worries about liquid spill.
  2. Outstanding suction power
    Max. degree of vacuum is 986hPa、suction is able to lift water column to 9.5m high.
  3. Powerful Pumping Performance:
    Max. discharge pressure is 1.5MPa.
  4. High Ability & Durability
    TOMOSADA Pump has a reputation for toughness with durability focused machine design.
  5. Equipped with Normal & Reverse Mode.
    After pumping in normal rotation, reverse mode helps collect residual liquid.
  6. Easy maintenance
    Easy to exchange a tube .
  7. Wide range applications
    Solid, highly concentration slurry/sludge: Possible to compress and transport to a quarter of tube diameter
    Liquid containg fibers: Possible to transport a long fiber without widing
    Soft stuff: Possible to transport tangerine grains without crushing
    Operative with air suck-in liguid: Possbile to operate the liquid sucking in with air
  8. Easy cleaning of Pipe Inside.
    Cleaning of pipe inside requires only sponges.


  • Chemicals

Alkaline solution, acid, sodium hydroxide, soap solution, ink, paint, pigments or dyes, all sorts of pastes, polishing liquid, latex, adhesive bond, alcohol, acetic acid, bicarbonate, PAC, polymer coagulant, hydrated lime, slurry plating liquid, all sorts of emulsion

  • Foods

Japanese Miso, mash (unrefined sake), sea weed, sausage, jam, soy sauce, konjak, cut vegetable, juice with grains, mince, leftover, salt water, cream, sugar liquid, pickles, soup, pet foods, and etc.

  • Dewatering - Waste Water

Livestock excretion, fishery processing waste water, food wastewater sludge, powdered activated carbon and ion exchange resin, and etc.

  • Building and construction

Fresh concrete, mortar, cement milk, clay, bentonite, plaster slurry, ore slurry, ceramics slurry, construction paint, cyanobacterial soil, sludge, bottom sludge, and etc.

  • Others

Goldfish, feeding fish, pulp chips, waste paper, papermaking sludge, fiber sludge, metal slurry"


Model GI-19
Discharge 3.94L/min
Power supply 0.2kw Three phase *
Pumping tube Dia.19×L490
Dimension L262×W220×H413
Weight 23.5kg

* Voltages can be converted for the condition in your country