Compact Gun


Compact Gun


  • Alter the spraying pattern by exchanging inner cartridge
  • Both light and thick blow is available with one Compact Gun
  • New feature of Bypass Air Tube can prevent the trouble

Easy maintenance with quick exchange of nozzle and cartridge.


Name Compact Gun
Model CG-32R-2.0 CG-32R-3.5
Spraying State Straight Tornado Straight Tornado
Air Blast Light Blow Thick Blow
Compressor Over 3.7kW Over 7.5kW
Diameter of Rubber Nozzle Nose 3 points of Guide lines (Dia.12, Dia.10, Dia.8) We can cut your preferred diameter.

Note) 2 fluids mixture type, Acceralater type, is available (CG-32R2-2.0, CG-32R2-3.5)